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Dark Web Market Forums

DNMAvengers is a website on the dark web that is concerned with buying and selling of goods and services by members of the site. Some members of the website are buyers, while some of them are vendors on the website. Upon registration, you choose whether you want to be a buyer on the site or a vendor, who will be selling goods and services to other members of the website. There are rules and regulations on the website, guiding all the transactions of the website.
The products they transact on the website include the likes of cocaine, heroin, cannabis, stimulants, technical services, securities, and cryptocurrencies. You have to log into your account and order for the goods you want to buy, and it will be delivered to you. The vendors will pack the goods and ship them to wherever the products are to be delivered. There is a forum on the website which is designed explicitly for b2b and peer to peer communication.
Secrecy and security on the website is an utmost quality of the site, and they help in making transaction anonymous because they don’t store data in their database because of hacking and those that want to intrude into the privacy of their members. There is a support page on the website that resolves any issue that can arise from the transaction and any problems between members and vendors of the site. There is also a registration agreement on the website for the first-timers, and all new-comers are to read the agreement and click it before signing up on the website. The site is free for anyone to register on the dark web and start transactions upon registration.

Envoy is a website on the dark web that deals with buying and selling of goods and services. Envoy is the place where buyers of products go to make a purchase and meet sellers that bring their goods to the website for sale. You have to register on the site to make it able to make a transaction on the website. You will register as a member on the website as a vendor or an ordinary buyer. If you register as a vendor, then you will be able to post your products on the website with the admin on the site to check if you will be able to sell that kind of product. And if you are registered as an ordinary member, you will be given a username and password to be able to log in on the website and buy products that are listed on the site.
There are other pages on the website, which are; help page, search page, shop, login page, register page, and envoy forum page. On the forum page, you will be able as a member of the website to interact with other members and discuss the matters and problems everybody on the website is facing and to have a solution to the problems with the admin too. The shop is where all the products like heroin, haze, drugs, weeds, etc. the listing comes with the price of the goods you want to buy, and you will need to specify the number of products you wish to purchase and it will be delivered to you upon payment of the price. Secrecy and security are some of the most valuable things on the website. The website accepts bitcoin as the mode of payment for products and services.

Torum is a website on the dark web. It concerns itself with the dissemination of information on the dark web. It serves as an information center, or you can call it a social media on the dark web. It is a website that runs like a forum where you meet people that are also members of the site. You rub minds together on new products, services, and how to get things done and happenings in the dark web. You get to comment on posts on the website in different categories where you will be able to say what is on your mind and feel connected to people around you and those that you transact or want to transact with in the nearest future.
You need to sign up on the website to be able to comment on posts and be replied to and to get messages on the website on your account. They have so many categories of forum and discussion on the site. They have the beginners’ lounge, general, general discursion, market place discussion, challenges, main discussion, cryptograph/malware, website pen testing, networking/wireless, development, operating system, hardware, social engineering, and the denial of service. These are the discussion topics that are on the website that members can join and have more knowledge. You can edit your profile on the site and view it with lots of settings to do on your profile to make it look presentable. The website also shows notification about trends and even discussion you have commented, and when another member starts commenting, you will be notified as well. There are some categories of discussion that are locked until the forum is sure you are very serious about what you are doing, and you’re not here to make trouble.

The Hub
The Hub is a website on the dark web. It is a form of a forum for the dark web. It majorly deals with connecting people that are on the dark web with themselves and making the dark web very user-friendly for people that are using it. It is a form of the dark web Facebook where you have your account, and people can send you messages, and you can also message back.
You need to register an account on the website, and you will be given your username and password. You will have your profile section where people will be able to see your wall and see what you put on your profile. There is a section for profile or account settings and forum profile where you can edit your account, and your profile can be modified to your taste. If you want to search for someone on the website among members, there is a search space for that, and the person you are searching for will be listed out for you. And there is the help page where you can contact the support of the website, and all your issues on the site will be resolved with ease. There are different types of forum topics, i.e., General discussion, product discussion, security discussion, cryptocurrencies discussion, shipping discussion, etc. these and other forms of forum discussion are on the website, and they are discussed to details. The Hub is nicked-named “info center” of the dark web because here you get all the information you’re looking for on the dark web

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