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Dark Web Vendor Shops

Dark Web Vendors

The dark web is a huge place for people who really want to make money. If vendor shops can exists in the clearnet, then why won’t there be vendor shops in the dark web? Vendor shops are different from marketplaces simply because vendor shops are owned and used by an individual or group of people without allowing listings from other vendors. A marketplace is usually a website where several vendors can list their goods and services for sale and when a buyer buys from a particular vendor, the selling vendor does all the work of delivery without informing the marketplace owner. When you are buying from vendor shops therefore, it simply means that you are transacting with the owner of the website you are on while in marketplaces, it is not the case.
In this article, I have put together few vendor shops in the dark web with a preview of what they sell and how they operate.

EU BENZOS is a website on the dark web, which works like a shop. It is an online shop on the dark web for people that are looking for the kind of products they offer on the website. To purchase on the site, you have to be a member. Registration is a requirement for every member of the site, and as such, you need to register with the website with your chosen username and password. The listings on the site are categorized as; weeds, stimulants, opioids and R.C. There are several products under each category, and this categorization makes it easy to browse through the site.
There is a contact us page for members that are having issues on the website; this is where solutions will be given to the problem. The EUBENZOS vendor shop link can be found here http://pgljfusmmtv3chpg.onion/

DutchDrugz is a website on the dark web that deals in all forms of drug and weed. This is a market where buyers of drugs come to buy drugs in the quantity they want with security and anonymity. Without a username and a password, a user cannot do anything on this website.
The membership on the website is free; you will need to get your username and password. With the username and password you will log in as a member, and you will be able to see the listing on the website and be able to make purchases. The site offers a variety of hard drugs and cannabis, and a buyer only needs to pick a choice product and pay for it. The vendor does shipping of the product. Security is guaranteed because all data gets deleted monthly. If any deal or transaction goes wrong, you can contact the support of the website for solution. The DutchDrugz vendor shop link can be found here http://exg6e3c23u6jbehlrme5htlmnzidnz7cqa5prwaetmxrmgi7fxsm5mid.onion/

Cerberus is a website on the dark web that deals with the sale of pharmaceutical drugs. Cerberus sells drugs like pharm injections, pharma orals, growth hormones, pain relievers, steroids etc. This site only deals in drugs that are beneficial to human health. The site welcomes new members, and they are required to register before they can make any purchases. There is a comment box on the website where members can comment and leave feedback about drugs bought on the site. As a registered member of the site, you have the right to contact the admin of the site about any transactional issue you may face and such issues will be resolved quickly. You can reach the site admin of on the contact us page of the website and all your questions will be answered. Since most of the products sold on the site are contrabands in many countries around the world, the owner receives payment only in Bitcoin so he can be untraceable. The Cerberus vendor shop link can be found here http://s2q6hp47ogdb34vy.onion/

The Grass Company
The Grass Company is a website in the dark web where internet users purchase all kinds of narcotics and hard drugs. The site owner(s) is/are concerned with the sale and delivery of these “grasses.” All you need to be able to buy products on the website is to become a member of the site, and you will be able to see the listings. Every member can purchase products from the grass company without fear of scam. The Grass Company has a dedicated customer service unit that is always ready to listen to and solve problems that buyers or even potential buyer may be facing.
There is also the FAQ where most questions that may be bothering a buyer’s mind have already been answered. The Grass Company vendor shop link can be found here http://grasscogh2kewgja.onion/

Pushing Taboo
Pushing Taboo is a website on the dark web that deals in selling of hard drugs and weeds. They do this transaction on the site among members; only a member of the website will be able to order for the product listed on the website. The website follows strict rules in its transactions and also lay down rules for members to follow. Failure to follow the rules, you get banned. The owners of this site have strict regulations against residents of Chile and Australia, and as such, they do no sell of delivering to these two countries. Products sold include haze, weeds, ecstasy etc. The website has an “about us” page, which is where you learn more about the owners of the site and people that make the sales and delivery. There is also a page dedicated to new which includes news about the dark web and even mainstream press as well. The website owners also offer support to members and buyers who may have difficulty with payment or purchase or even delivery of purchased products. Pushing Taboo vendor shop link can be found here http://pushing37xyindmo.onion/

SmokersCo. Cannabis Store
SmokersCo Cannabis Shop is an online shop where the best cannabis strain and medical marijuana for all medical conditions can be bought with ease. This website is on the dark web, and they pride themself as one of the lowest-priced stores in the dark web. This website will also replace your product free of charge to you if your delivered product is not as advertised or you did not get the delivery at all. They claim to sell the best of cannabis money can buy as they claim to buy directly from cannabis-growing farmers. The site accepts only bitcoin as the mode of payment. The SmokersCo. Cannabis Store vendor shop link can be found here http://hkay4bwdnedlhybm.onion/

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